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Rochelle Brown

I am Rochelle. I have two kids.  My son Marcus is 5 years old and my daughter Lady, who is a pit-bull and lab mix is 9 years old. My husband is Marcus Johnson and we have been married for 12 years. He also holds the title of my BFF!

I am every woman, Wife, Mom, Sister, Mentor, Boss, Counselor, Motivator, and your DTE (Down to Earth), TILII (Tell It Like It Is) GIRLFRIEND!

I am a proud Jersey girl, would not trade it in for anything.  Born here, raised here, and will lay my head to rest here.  It’s in my blood baby! I am a Television Producer.  I worked for Fox, NY before going off to help start up the Food Network; yeah I was the official third employee.  I worked there producing several shows with every celebrity chef, and major food personality, and many celebrities! I was a one the company’s youngest producer, and I developed and produced over 3,000 hours of content.  My favorite show was with my good friend and brother from another mother Emeril Lagasse, “Emeril Live”!  After having 15 awesome years there, I wrote my first book, “The Chef, The Story, and The Dish”, which was a big hit!  After that awesome experience, I knew there was not anything I could not do, so I started my own Production Company with one of my lifelong besties!  The name of our company is Powerhouse Productions and we are a full service production company producing lifestyle, how-to, and Docu-series for major cable networks!  I must say I do have the power to produce!  I love to create, brand, and work my magic.  That’s why this blog is so exciting because now I get to do all of that and more for myself and other women!

I love being a mom to my dear MJ, and a dam good wife to my Husband, I have a great job, and awesome talent I work with, hey I work 24/7, and blessed to be able to get paid for doing something I would do for free, produce!  But there was a void in my life that I needed to fill, and that is to go find me some good girlfriends I can emote with, cry with, celebrate with, travel with, and grow old with.  Hey Girlfriend, they call me downtown Rochelle Brown….nice to meet you, welcome to Girlfriend411.

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Stacy LaFontant

I am Stacy. I have three sons TJMax T-17, J-6 and M-6 months old.  So yes girlfriends, I am talking college, kindergarten and nursing drama. I have a chocolate Lab Malcolm who comes with a laundry list of hysterical stories. My husband is Alain, my soul mate from the start. We have been married for 9 year, we love, we argue, but no matter what we are a team.  He has my back and I have his.

Being a wife and mommy is my greatest and most challenging role. My family always comes first. However, my role as being a daughter, sister, auntie and friend is something I also treasure and respect. By nature I am a protector, so please don’t start any nonsense with my circle because you will no longer being dealing with Stacy my alter ego comes out and “Tracy” is a fierce protector, fearless, and turns from being outgoing to outspoken. I am the girlfriend that encourages, gives my all, can tell anything to, listens intently, always finds a way to make others laugh and will tell it like it is!  Nothing phony here. I believe honesty is always the best policy even when uncomfortable. I am spiritual, a mentor and advisor, the GTG (Go to Girlfriend) and the double S (Solution Seeker).

I love NJ. I have lived in Jersey most of my life, but I split my heart with my birthplace California where my parents and siblings reside. I am truly a bi-coastal chick! Most of my career has been in the fashion world but by nature I am a passionate educator.  I am a former Account Executive for brands such as Sean John and Ecko kids.  I am the queen of launching new brands and bringing success to start up companies. I love the challenge! I was in the fashion world for many years and found great experiences, learned valuable business skills, met incredible people, traveled around the country, had a blast and most importantly met my husband.  In 2007, I was working at Ecko kids and discovered I was pregnant.  I was torn between career or being the mommy I wanted to be. So I left the fashion world when I gave birth and have yet to return. Mommyhood was a whole new ball game.  I was in love, overwhelmed, oddly lonely and overjoyed.  The first 3 months I didn’t know what to do with myself.  All I knew was that I couldn’t leave my baby but missed work and the socialization it brought. After being home 11 months, I found a daycare that I thought would be good for my son and for me.  I applied for a position they had open.  It was wonderful everyday I went to work with my son; I was hired as a pre-k teacher shortly after I was promoted to one of the Directors.  I loved being with and around all 130 kids, which included my own son. Now fast forward to today by son graduated from the pre-k, I started feeling sick not knowing I was pregnant again. I left the school as my son prepares for kindergarten and now my third son is 6 months old. I am home with the baby, transporting my big boy and teenager to all of their activities and struggling to find my socialization outlet. I needed to talk with other adults, debate, laugh, be challenged, be involved in adult world, which lead me here. Hello!