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Let’s celebrate Breast History Month

Knowledge is Power, Let’s celebrate Breast History Month.

Every October, my memories of my aunt Joette get stronger and stronger!  She was my only aunt, and died from breast cancer at the age of 39.  Yes, I said 39 years old!  She was my rock.  Joette was the first foodie, I ever met, and a true DTEG (Down to Earth Girlfriend).  So in honor of her, I am passing on some great information and stories being covered about breast cancer!  ABC news kicked off its ABC goes pink campaign, and it’s one of the best I have seen in a long time.  Click on here( to read some amazing stories, and be sure to share this posting with all your girlfriends!!  It’s filled with information that every woman needs to know! Thanks, ABC for putting women’s health first!!  Be sure to take the Pledge and make the men in your life do it too!!

Pink Pledge  (From ABC News &

Viewers can join breast cancer survivors Robin Roberts, Sheryl Crow, and Christina Applegate and supporters Gloria Estefan, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and many others as they take the PINK PLEDGE on

“I pledge to…

– Learn the facts about breast cancer.
– Understand my individual risk based on family history.
– Find out about the different tools of detection and what is right for me.
– Talk to my doctor to learn about my breasts and what ongoing care may be best for me.
– Know when I should get screened for breast cancer and follow through on these   recommendations.
– Start a conversation with the women and men in my life about our breast health.
– Spend as much attention on my breast health as I do on my beauty treatments.”

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