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Alone Island

Often times we say, “I need a vacation”. Usually it’s around the time we are stressed from work, spouse, kids, LIFE and just need a break to relax. Let’s face it a vacation somewhere is not always easy to come by. Well, I have found my perfect non-vacation vacation spot. Don’t laugh…I named it Alone Island. I just went there on Saturday. I asked my husband if he could watch the kids. I had some errands and returns I needed to take back to the store and I was gone. With no car seats in the back, weather was window down, fall breeze perfect. I turned the radio up LOUD and sang my heart out, laughing at myself as a car pulled up next to me at a light with my music up, me belting out lyrics and dancing in my seat. I know I looked funny or even crazy to them but I didn’t care I was enjoying Alone Island. I drove around exploring new neighborhoods, on the highway for the excitement of speed and even parked to take in a beautiful view of NYC. As the sun began to go down and the sky turned a beautiful orange-red I knew that my vacation was coming to an end. Truthfully, I was ready to get home; I knew I had lots to do. Only now I felt refreshed, revived, relaxed and ready to take on all my mommy-wife duties again. I walked in my home with a smile and everyone was happy. Sometimes all it takes is a moment alone to exhale, gather our thoughts and vacate for a self regrouping. So next time you’re feeling like you need a vacation take a quick trip to Alone Island and enjoy the beauty of being in the driver’s seat and in control of whatever you need to get out if this trip. Take a trip to Alone Island the place where your vacation is where you allow your mind to take you.


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