Anywhere…Any Age

Over the summer my 12 year old nephew who lives in CA sent my 5 year old son in NJ his first BeyBlade.  OMG… From there they had BeyBlade parties over the phone, skype tournaments every weekend.  This warmed my heart like you couldn’t believe because all of my family live in CA and my son misses his cousins dearly!! Through BeyBlade and Skype they found their own way to compete, trash talk, have fun, be good sports and most importantly create lasting family memories.  For that I love BeyBlade!! Then I realized it is great for all ages.  My son loves to visit his grandparents (my in-laws) and it is always a big deal as to which toys he will bring with him for the car ride, once he arrives, etc… Well, his BeyBlade’s once again made the trip.  He even got his 83 year old Papa to play with him.  Son, father, grandfather, 3 generations enjoying playing with BeyBlade.  Again, another priceless memory being made for my son with his family.  As a child many of my fondest memories are games I played with my family.  In a world, where technology is everywhere it is easy to forget the importance of playing with something tangible.

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