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Parking Lot Rage

I love talking with my mom.  We don’t always see eye to eye but I love her wise perspective on things.  So the topic of our discussion the other day was the parking lot…

Have you ever been in a super crowded parking lot, looking for a space to park?  You drive up and down several aisles and you spot a lady with a shopping cart full of items going toward her car.  You stop and wait as she sees you stopped, but she’s taking her time putting the bags in the trunk.  You fight your internal impulse to get out of your car and help her unload her bags.  You’re sitting with a frown, tapping the steering wheel.   She finally gets in her car, and again takes her time.  You’re thinking “What are you waiting for?”  Finally, she backs out of the spot in your direction.  You see a woman in another car coming from the opposite direction, and you’re thinking, “Oh no, you’re not!”  But the reality is, oh yes she did!  The woman in the other car pulls into “Your spot”.  You attempt to control the flood of emotions that you’re experiencing.  You want to roll down the window and yell at her.  Or just sit there and give her the “evil eye”.  But finally, the Tazmanian devil in you goes back to where it resides; and you go on to find another spot.  You might have a crying two year old in the back seat, which makes your situation even worse.  Reflecting back, was this just an evil, non-caring, only think about myself woman?  Or, could she have been a woman who maybe had a crying two year old of her own at home with a fever? She may have wanted to run in really quickly to pick up some Tylenol and hurry back to her child.  Should she have taken the time to explain that to me and my Tasmanian devil?  Hmmmm.  Maybe, we girlfriends should cut each other a break, just in case…  Or maybe not???


Bey the Way to Play

Tis the season…for me to start thinking about what gifts are in and which requests are out. Yes, I said requests because my son already has his Christmas list.  So of course I being a kid at heart, mom of boys wanted to share with you an awesome gift for the holidays or special occasion for the young guy(s) in your life.   My guys consist of my sons and nephews.  My 6 year old son adores his cousins and misses playing with them so much, with them living on the west coast and us on the east. But leave it to the minds of the young to find a way to still play and compete with each other. With Skype and Hasbro’s BeyBlades my nephews and son have BeyBlade Battles from opposite coast. They can play for hours. My son and his 3 cousins take their “let it rip” battles very serious. I was given a sample of the new BeyWarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown set and surprised my son with it.  Needless to say, he was ecstatic! Right away he got on Skype to show his cousins and of course battle them.  Now, I know what to buy my nephews for Christmas because the words used were “awesome”, “so cool”, “I want those”. My son had the biggest smile and asked me if they have other characters. My BeyBlade boys age range from 5 – 12 years. This product is fun to play with others but also by themselves. My son plays contently with his BeyWarriors by himself when it is too early in the morning to Skype California.  I highly recommend Beywarriors and Beyblades. If your little one is on the younger side start off with BeyBlades they are a little easier to launch in my opinion. Yes, I said my opinion…I too have battled and has said, “let it rip”. My son is 6 but the recommended age of BeyWarriors is 8 years+.  Be on the look out for BeyWarriors at all major toy retailers such as Toys R Us, Target and more. If you are a stay at home shopper check out and/or amazon. If you are looking for a cool gift this is a sure win!

2 Thumbs Up

2 Thumbs Up


Start the Conversation

I heard a wise man say, “In today’s society we are always being asked to join the conversation, well I am asking you to start the conversation”. Those words have stuck with me.  I am a newsie, and I am tired of the news.  I just cant watch it any more.  It is either too disturbing to digest, to disappointing to hear, or just so dumb that I can’t stand to see it. Starting the conversation… What’s really on your mind? Me: My heart aches for the lack of attention that  Mental Health issues seriously needs.  Everyday someone is taking their own lives or innocent lives around them. It is just so sad. We can’t send our children to school without feeling uneasy, or go to a mall, movie theatre, place of worship, airports, park, down the damn street. It is ridiculous how much discomfort I feel in places that felt like a second home. I believe we as a people need to be still and reflect, stop judging and try encouraging, turn selfish into selfless and stop all the violence and fighting. Where is the love? Where is that village that it takes to make a neighborhood a community? Where are you? My heart aches but it is not broke. I still believe…Let’s start the conversations…Spread the Love!


All Year Round

Halloween is here!  Every year I dress up with my kids and I love it.  I especially love planning with my 6 year old son. He gets to choose who or what he wants to be and I ask him about what mommy should be and this year what his 8 month old baby brother should be.  Imagination fun! My son, like many boys is a super hero maniac.  Truly he is a Marvel expert, he knows all the characters, their powers, and their stories. It is pretty remarkable how much he knows about these characters. In the past I have been super girl, bat girl and this year with my fingers crossed I am hoping to pull off Storm (an X-men character), at my sons request. As I was searching old costumes trying to figure out how I was going to make Storm, I came across my old Supergirl costume. This was my first costume that I wore when I dressed up with son who was 1 month old at the time. I remember being so excited to be a mommy. I remember the big dreams I thought of for my child. I remember planning the type of mother I wanted to be. I couldn’t wait for him to be aware and involved and excited about being silly and dressing up. Now that time is here…He is uber involved and opioninated, super excited about dressing up, his school party and of course the trick or treating. As I listen to him remind me that I need a white wig, I begin to think…being a mom is like being a super hero! We always come in to save the day. Know matter how old or young our children are MOMS are the super heroes  with the multiple powers, the ability to be in 5 places at one time, juggle the heavy loads with the ability to make them seem as light as a feather, and simply be there in a blink of an eye when help is needed.  I never realized that my mom dressed up all year round, as Super Woman until I became a mom of 3 myself. To all the mommies who are planning, dreaming, sacrificing, working hard, carrying heavy loads and trying to give their best, I love your costume! You are beautiful! Thank you mommy for being a Super Woman all year round, every year. I have studied your character, powers and life stories and I just hope to gain some of your super powers. Have you complimented your moms costume lately?



how much is too much

How Much Is Too Much?

How much is too much? From play dates to swim, yoga, piano or maybe violin to soccer and karate, gymnastics and dance, maybe it’s chess or Kumon the list could go on and on. And yes I am a play date mommy who does have her child in more than 2 activities. But today, as I try and formulate my schedule and children’s schedule, I found myself asking, “how much is too much?”

As moms many of us try and juggle it all and in the mean times balls have been dropped or we become so tired we can’t even enjoy the juggle show.

Well I am telling myself it’s ok to say “no” sometimes when your child is invited on a play date. Key word “sometimes”. And it’s ok to have to make a choice and allow your child in on the process, we can’t have and do it all ALL of the time. Key word “all”
Sometimes our children’s social life is better than ours and we forget the very important “me” time. We forget that we have things that are important too. Its ok to have your time or me time, that does not make us selfish it makes us real. Key word here is “you”.

So as I think about these key words, it really boils down to, ” You Sometimes can’t do it All” and that’s more than ok.

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Hi, we are Rochelle and Stacy, founders of

Our mission is to create a space where we can have “girls night out” anytime, everyday. A place for women to catch up with each other. A place to share and learn with and from each other. On, we will talk about all facets of life and laugh together. We all need our girlfriends and it’s a good feeling to know we are just one click away!

We love getting our “girlfriends” together to help to support, encourage, and inform each other on what’s going on in our daily lives and thoughts. Cohort to cohort, mom-to-mom, wife-to-wife, co- worker to co-worker, girlfriend to girlfriend!


Thank You

There is nothing like having the love and support of your family.  Rochelle and I have to thank our families for always being supportive and going along with some of our wild and crazy ideas.  The love you give us is priceless.  There is no word to describe how much we love you.   Thank you for coming on this crazy journey with us.  We love you to the moon and back!

St Judes

We Support St. Jude

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has made their first announcement about the 10th Annual Thanks and Giving Campaign, which kicks off in November. Let’s get out and support an awesome cause!
Here is how we can get involved…

Lets shop at retailers that have special Thanks and Giving promotions in store – from adding a donation at registers during the checkout process or purchasing specialty merchandise. Visit for a complete list of participating partners.

Participating in the St. Jude Give thanks. Walk.TM, the official kickoff event for the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign held on Saturday, Nov. 23 in 75 communities nationwide. Supporters join together for this family friendly 5K during the holidays as teams and individuals to help raise funds for the kids of St. Jude. National partner teams include New York and Company, Brooks Brothers and Visit for a complete list of locations.

Enter the giveaway below or visit this link to purchase items and support St. Jude!

St. Jude Giveaway!!

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OMG I’m a Blogger…

Me, the non techy, subconscious writer is officially a blogger!  Oh boy… I just had my official word press lesson and I must say not so bad.  OK, so here it is I am nervous, I don’t really know why, but I am.  Maybe it’s the fact that I feel a little exposed here, but I guess that is one of the beauties of blogging.  RELEASING, CLEANSING, DISCOVERING….Whenever my girlfriends and I get together it is usually filled with a candle being passed around.  I started this weird tradition because I want them to know that the floor is all theirs and mine, our time to share.  When the candle is given to you, that is the signal that means its your time to let it all out; the good, the bad, pretty and ugly.  Whatever is going on in your life big or small, share it with your girls.  So I guess now the virtual candle is on me… So here’s what’s new…I am officially a blogger, and terrified!!! The kids are great! My oldest is 17 and looking at colleges, my 6 year old started kindergarten and is so amazing, and my 7 month old is not sleeping through the night, still nursing and trying so hard to get him to stop which has not been fun, standing up in his crib and moving all around.  My three sons! And my wonderful husband supporting my journey once again; although he has told me I can’t put anything about him in my blog or he will sue me.  Oh and Malcolm my chocolate Lab has been behaving pretty well.  He hasn’t run away in months now, however he did eat my baked ziti that was left on the stove.  Overall I just feel blessed. Now I am passing the candle to you…What’s going on?

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Why Measure

I love to cook! Even more importantly I love when others eat my cooking and enjoy it. I get such pleasure from that. The secret for me and cooking is to enjoy it. I love being creative with my meals like making meals out of nothing (nothing meaning didn’t go grocery shopping for weeks and cupboards are bare), creating 3 different meals from left over’s or creating a meal using ingredients that I’ve never used before. The odd thing about my style of cooking is I rarely measure. I base everything on my eyes and instinct. So this weekend I went to farmers market and bought all types of fresh produce.

I was in the mood for a soup a nice, thick, fall soup. Pumpkin Soup!

I never made it before so I wasn’t confident on how it would turn out but I did it and it taste just right!

White potatoes
String beans
Green onions
Fresh garlic
Bell peppers red and green
Fresh Basil, Dill, Parsley

Basically a little bit of every vegetable I bought at farmers market.

I boiled the pumpkin and potatoes in one pot and all the other ingredients in another.

Once the pumpkin and potatoes were soft I merged the two pots. This was my first time working with pumpkin once it was soft I skinned the outside off, not sure if that’s the best way to work with pumpkin but it worked for me.

After I merged the pots I added chicken stock, salt, pepper and left over baked chicken and macaroni. I never measure anything so of course I have enough pumpkin soup to last for the month but I don’t care it taste delicious and in a few days I may add shrimp or salmon! Why measure, add what you want, taste along the way, adjust as needed, turn your music on and have fun with it. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t measure that are the most accurate.