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Why Measure

I love to cook! Even more importantly I love when others eat my cooking and enjoy it. I get such pleasure from that. The secret for me and cooking is to enjoy it. I love being creative with my meals like making meals out of nothing (nothing meaning didn’t go grocery shopping for weeks and cupboards are bare), creating 3 different meals from left over’s or creating a meal using ingredients that I’ve never used before. The odd thing about my style of cooking is I rarely measure. I base everything on my eyes and instinct. So this weekend I went to farmers market and bought all types of fresh produce.

I was in the mood for a soup a nice, thick, fall soup. Pumpkin Soup!

I never made it before so I wasn’t confident on how it would turn out but I did it and it taste just right!

White potatoes
String beans
Green onions
Fresh garlic
Bell peppers red and green
Fresh Basil, Dill, Parsley

Basically a little bit of every vegetable I bought at farmers market.

I boiled the pumpkin and potatoes in one pot and all the other ingredients in another.

Once the pumpkin and potatoes were soft I merged the two pots. This was my first time working with pumpkin once it was soft I skinned the outside off, not sure if that’s the best way to work with pumpkin but it worked for me.

After I merged the pots I added chicken stock, salt, pepper and left over baked chicken and macaroni. I never measure anything so of course I have enough pumpkin soup to last for the month but I don’t care it taste delicious and in a few days I may add shrimp or salmon! Why measure, add what you want, taste along the way, adjust as needed, turn your music on and have fun with it. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t measure that are the most accurate.


New Orleans, My Favorite Food Town

When I am traveling for work or pleasure, I am always excited about going to New Orleans.  I love the people in New Orleans, the culture, and the food.  I spent 15 years producing America’s favorite chef, Emeril Lagasse so I got the chance to spend a lot of a time in the crescent city!  It’s a food town, and for me it’s all about the mom and pop places, and some great old school institutions.  I am serious about my food program in New Orleans; I can’t afford to have one bad meal.  There are just too many good spots, and the all hold special memories for me!!  So from time to time you will see me write about New Orleans and the restaurants and food that I like to explore!  Here’s my first place that I want to share with you!   It one that you have to put on the list!  If you do stop by be sure to tell them that Rochelle Brown sent you!!

My first Stop Wille May’s Kitchen Scotch Kitchen in the seventh ward!!  Best Fried Chicken!!

I love this fried chicken because it really is just like Grandma use to make in her cast iron skillet. Every piece of fried chicken served here is made with extra loving and care.  There is no big batch cooking of the fried chicken here, every order is fried in grandma’s cast iron skillet to order.  It is seasoned to perfection and fried juicy and crispy every time!! It is served to the table hot, and you can see all the beautiful crunchiness on it!  As we would say in my house, fried just right!! When you bite into this chicken, your taste buds are happy, happy!  You’ll never look at fried chicken the same again!  It really is probably one of the best in the world!  I am not just making that up either, You Google it, and even the USA today said it was one of the best you can find!  They also have great sides and down right delicious desserts, the cheesecake with fresh strawberries is to die for!  It’s really off the beaten path, so if you take a taxi there, don’t get concerned by the ride there…. it is a Neighborhood joint!!  The dining room is small, and they have limited work hours, so be sure to call ahead to see when they are open!  You won’t be disappointed and the price is right, and one last thing. Order the sweet tea!  They are only open for lunch, so call ahead to see the hours of operation, and if you want to see how size does not matter, peak into the very tiny kitchen where the these big bold dishes come out of, you will be blown away!  It is a sight to see!!  Don’t get caught peeking in the kitchen!!  They guard that recipe like fort Knox, and if you have a taste, you will know why!!


Cooking With Color

I am really trying to eat better these days, and I have adopted the game plan that more color means healthier!!  It’s my way of tricking myself to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I know better, but it’s hard for me to try and get all my servings for fruits and vegetables in for a day.  I am always so busy, but now making cooking a must!!  So I decided to have a little fun with it, and I must admit I love it and feel a lot better about my food choices.  It’s also open up my whole world to some vegetables I have always stayed away from, like squash and brussels sprouts!!   I have taking a great liking to grilling and sautéing these two!  I am even starting to experiment with tomatoes, those of you who know me, know that I don’t really like tomatoes, but I love Ketchup and Tomato Sauce.  Crazy I know, but there are a lot of people like me, when it comes to their love and hate relationship with tomatoes!  I think it’s safe to say I just don’t like them raw. I have to cook them!  So every Sunday, I go crazy looking for the freshest produce and I spend time in the kitchen trying to fall in love or fall in love all over again with as many veggies as possible!!  And you know I have to have my red wine with me, wine makes everything better!   The key to my success is to add as much color as possible, and try to add a more vegetables to all my favorite recipes!  In the end, I always manage to create some fun loving dishes made with love, packed with really good things for you!!  I even use the left over vegetables to decorate my kitchen.  I love to take lemons and peppers and make them apart of my kitchen decor; they add the perfect pop of color to my counter!!  The next time you are out shopping, have a little fun in the produce isle.  Remember what your girlfriend Rochelle said “add a little color to your cooking, It’s all about the pop, like carrying the perfect purse to bring the outfit to life.  Cooking with colors is fun and easy, and at the same time your making healthier meals!”