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Hot off the Press! Girlfriend411 Hot Toy List!!

Hot of the Press the Hottest Toys of 2013 for Kids!  Girlfriend411 has personally selected some of the Best Toys for this season!  Enjoy the list, all of these items on this list are bound to be a big hit for the Holidays!!  If you have any questions or need more suggestions, just send us your questions and comments at the bottom of this post. We are always here for you girlfriends!



  1. Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack, retails for about $74.99 and includes:

1 Video Game.

1 Portal of Power.

3 Skylanders Figures.

3  Character Collector Posters

3 Sticker Sheets with Secret Code

3 Trading Cards.

This is a great gift for your child especially if they have been on Santa’s “nice” list! It comes with so much and worth the price!

Big Hugs Elmo retails for around $49.00.This is a must have for every toddler. Elmo one of the most loved characters generation after generation. What child doesn’t want to be a part of “Elmo’s World”?






Lego prices vary.  Legos are a must this year and every year. It could be ninjago, legend of chima, star wars or the new Friends sets the choice is yours but either way legos must be a gift in your child’s life this year.


Rock and Learn

Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase by Vtech retails for around $36.99.   This is great for children ages 12-36 months. Great for new walkers.


Bananagrams retails for around $14.99.  If you love scrabble you will love Bananagrams. It is great for family game night. Learning while playing is the best gift you can give your child. Great for kids 5 and older.




Disney Doc Mcstuffin Check up center retails for around $64.99.  Every kid wants to be able to make their toys feel better!  This toy is great for hours of nonstop play!



Razor Crazy Cart! It’s suggested retail is $399.00.  This is a great toy for the whole family!  Kids, and some adults who dare to dive in on the fun can get some great play time in on this super cool toy!




Furby Boom, It’s suggested retail is around $49.99.  This is the new generation of Furby’s that interact with your smart phones, tablets, and I pad’s.  It’s like having the best digital best friend!  You will be excited to see how much Furby can do now.



WowWee is actually zombify-ing princesses from loads of popular fairy tales …These cool dolls will retail for $29.99 and are sure to become collectors items!




Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish with Bowl retails for around $14.99. It the perfect gift to give young kids who want a pet, and somebody to care for!  The fish come in 8 different colors, and you never have to clean the fish tank.



The Beyblade Octagon Showdown Battle Set retails for $39.99. The cool stage that it comes with allows for kids to display all their cool moves, and have fun for a long time!  It’s all about the battle!



The Speck iGuy Kids Protective Rubberized Cover  retails for around $30.00.  This is a neat gift for any child lucky enough to have – or be getting – an iPad. It fits all iPad models and is made from flexible but tough foam. It also holds the iPad in place for hands-free viewing even when standing upright.


The Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit  retails for around $59.99.  This is a Baby’s first Christmas or Chanukah must have! This is the perfect grow with me gym.


Tetris Link retails for around $29.95.  The classic video game goes delightfully low-tech. The best part about Tetris is that it also helps kids learn about shapes, color and strategy. Ages 6 and up.


Skyrocket Toys Quick Attach Microscope retails for around $14.99.   Just when you thought there was nothing else your kid could do with your smartphone (or an iPad), we find an attachable microscope. It clips on to any brand of smartphone or tablet, and lets kids zoom in on bugs, clothes, noses—you name i—then take pics and videos they can send to their pals. Ages 6+.


Say Cheese!!

I was so excited to be invited to the Hasbro New York City Play date!!  I went with Stacy and her son Julian, and along with me as my guest were my son Marcus and my niece Jasmine.  It was a top-notch event, and we got to preview the hottest toys for the holiday season!  The kids really enjoyed themselves and so did I.  I will always be a big kid at heart!!  A play date in the City with the best view of Manhattan, a kicked up kiddie breakfast, and some of the best toys Hasbro has on the market, who could ask for more?  Oh did I mention, face paintings and a balloon artist.  My favorite take away was the Show Cam from Pre-School!  It’s a kid friendly camera that really allows for your kids to take digital pictures on their own!  It’s my pick for the first must have of the holiday season.  If you are looking for the toy that keeps giving, and kids engaged, this is it baby!  I let my son who is five years old, take it on our last family vacation of the summer and he could not put it down!  He took it to the beach, the zoo, and shot all over the resort!  He loved having his own camera, and right out of the box he was able to use it on his own!  The coolest thing about this camera is that it is a digital camera and a projector.  After your kids take pictures they can create a slide show on the wall to show you all of their cool pictures!   This camera even hooks up to your computer, and all of the buttons, controls and grips are kid friendly!  Playskool rocks, and this camera is hot stuff!!  Be sure to put it on your holiday list for all the little ones that are between the age of 3 and 7!  The suggested retail is $59.99 but be sure to look out for holiday sales!


Anywhere…Any Age

Over the summer my 12 year old nephew who lives in CA sent my 5 year old son in NJ his first BeyBlade.  OMG… From there they had BeyBlade parties over the phone, skype tournaments every weekend.  This warmed my heart like you couldn’t believe because all of my family live in CA and my son misses his cousins dearly!! Through BeyBlade and Skype they found their own way to compete, trash talk, have fun, be good sports and most importantly create lasting family memories.  For that I love BeyBlade!! Then I realized it is great for all ages.  My son loves to visit his grandparents (my in-laws) and it is always a big deal as to which toys he will bring with him for the car ride, once he arrives, etc… Well, his BeyBlade’s once again made the trip.  He even got his 83 year old Papa to play with him.  Son, father, grandfather, 3 generations enjoying playing with BeyBlade.  Again, another priceless memory being made for my son with his family.  As a child many of my fondest memories are games I played with my family.  In a world, where technology is everywhere it is easy to forget the importance of playing with something tangible.

yummy pb pic 2

Yummy Peanut Brittle

Yummy Peanut Brittle

Rochelle ordered some of G. Garvins new line of gourmet nuts. Yummy!!! Ok so to be honest, at first I wasn’t so interested in trying the peanut brittle because in the past I ate other brands of peanut brittle and the peanuts were always stale.  I love peanuts, so one might call me a nut critic. Well, I must say G’s peanut brittle was far from stale it tastes so fresh  I couldn’t stop eating it…The sweet and salty taste, the crunch, and the freshness makes this my new must have in my snack cabinet. 

yummy pb pic 1

It All About the Nuts!

My good friend G. Garvin who has a show on the Cooking Channel, (which I produce) has come out with some hot new gourmet nuts that he is selling.  So I decided to log on to his website and buy some at  I placed my order, and they arrived at our test kitchens in 3 business days.  Not bad, and the box was packed neat, another plus!  We ordered the peanut brittle for Stacy to review and the butter toffee for me to taste and review!!  I knew as soon as opened my can it was going to be good.   I could smell the goodness as soon as I opened the can, peanuts, and butter toffee, ooh wee!  The butter toffee is addictive; I had one hand full, and then another!  I could not stop eating these delicious nuts; I had to cut myself off!!  It’s a grown up version of cracker jacks, without the popcorn!!  It’s all about the toffee and nuts!!  Girlfriends these nuts are a must for the holidays, starting with Halloween, they make the perfect snack for adults during the Halloween party.  During Thanksgiving, they will make a great hostess gift!  Your host will go nuts for these nuts, and they will go great with all the bottles of wine they get as a host gift!  For Christmas, you can serve these nuts to your guest, they are the perfect welcome gift and guest will enjoy them with a good beer or the perfect holiday cocktail.  Thumbs up G. Garvin, I loved the Butter Toffee nuts!   The butter toffee nuts are $15.00 dollars for a 3-pack!!

yummy pb pic 2