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So Proud of my Girl! She is fearless, and a Inspiration! Her Name is Stacy LaFontant and so honored to call her my Girlfriend!


So here is a Big Congratulations and Motivation list!  My girlfriend Stacy, who is also my good friend and partner on tells me two weeks ago, she has signed up for some crazy race that is similar to Tough Mudder, and she still needs to train!  We’ll I said girl you are crazy, running, swimming, obstacles, more running, and over 10,000 folks coming out to do the course!  A good friend of ours from our sons school, encouraged her to sign up and do the dam thing!  We’ll she did just that!  Stacy completed her first Warrior Dash, and has inspired me to see anything is possible with determination!  We’ll anyone who knows Stacy, knows that wants she takes on a challenge there is no stopping her!  Here’s my list of why I am so Inspired by this Girlfriend and so should you!


1- She is super mom!  Takes care of her tow little boys all by herself, with help from hubby!  But most of the time it’s just her!  (most of her family lives in LA!)  She trained at home running after her two boys, 1 year old, and a soon to be 7 year old!



2- She is beautiful inside and out, There is nothing she won’t do for you or kids!  She is simply a Gem!  And she gets along with everybody, to know her is to love her!



3- She motivates me, yes say it again!  She motivates me!  She is such a great leader, super talented, and full of ideas!  She has the whole package, and is always willing to share!  I may not do Warrior Dash, but she has me thinking about it!  Why Because she says, I’ll be there every step of the way!  How many of you have girlfriends like that?


4. Her courage is contagious, how many people you know can sign up for a Warrior Dash, not properly train, and finish the dag on thing!  She took it serious, and was on her zone!  Now she wants other’s to feel her amazing feelings of accomplishments! Setting Goals, and following Through!  It all starts with you!


5. She not only finished every course in the Warrior Dash, girlfriend looked fearless, in charge, on top of her game, and Beautiful!  So proud of you Stacy!  Thanks for Inspiring me!




More information about Warrior Dash:


Choose You! Stop being too busy for yourself girlfriend!

This is for all my busy moms, who put themselves last!  I know we are all so busy taking care of the kids, our spouses, our friends, and our family.  We’ll it’s time to start making yourself a priority and not feel guilty about it!  So as we gear up for Spring, here are my top 10 tips to help you gain your “me” time back, stay focused and you deserve it!  You’ll thank me later girlfriend!

1. Communicate. Write yourself an e-mail or letter with your top five goals for this spring/summer.  Read it out loud and put your action plan in motion to make those goals a reality!

2. Get Moving, just get out and walk around the block, the park, or your backyard.  Walking away the stress always help your mind, body, and soul!

3. Unplug from the phone, computer, facebook, and etc.  You have to give yourself a chance not to be attached to anything and focus on you for at least 1 hour a day.

4. Live on the wild side, go do something that you always wanted to do.  Sure it’s nice to invite friends, but if they have excuses or are too busy, don’t let that stop you.  Take a art class, drive a race car, go get your palm read, go sky diving, just go do something “you” want to do!

5. Meditate, Find at least 15-20 minutes where you can reflect on yourself, your family, and your mental health.

6. Be Unapologetic about choosing “you” time.  Don’t feel bad about making yourself a priority or letting friends and family know that you want to have “me” time.  You have to set the boundaries and people will get the hint.  It’s not personal, it’s all for a better you!

7. Get a massage.  Massages are not only relaxing but it also helps to get your circulation moving.  Your mind, body, and spirit connection is key your to wellness!

8.  Start Saying No!  As you move through life trying to please others, you will have less time for you and your loved ones.  So, don’t feel bad if you can’t attend every party or doing every favor that is asked of you.  The truth is that the party will go on and the job will get done!  You don’t have to feel bad about saying you can’t do something!

9. Start Saying Yes!  It’s ok to ask and allow people to help you.  You don’t have to prove to anybody that you are Super Woman.  It is ok to seek help when your plate is too full, that’s one of the biggest problems busy moms have, we think getting help is a sign of weakness.  When the truth is that is the smartest thing you can do in times of need.

10. Don’t under estimate or put down what you bring to the table.  Never allow anyone to compare your contributions to your household to theirs.  Nobody knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes.  Work, dinner on the table, taking care of the kids, playing with the kids, caring for sick kids, taking care of your spouse or loved ones, cooking,running a company, cleaning, I could go on for days!  The bottom line is every woman I know is juggling it all, in their own way, so never allow anyone to negatively comment or compare there “mom” worth with your daily grind!!

Choose “You” girlfriend, Love Rochelle!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air!  And we all have a lot to be thankful for!  As we get ready to shower our love ones with gifts and cards, let’s remember some simple things we can do to show our friends and family how much we love them!


1. Social Media, create a post letting the world know how much you love your friends and family!

2. Sit down and a write a love a letter to you husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or current crush!  There is nothing more personal, and it will last forever!

3. Arts and Craft with the kids, Have your kids make cards using construction paper, wrapping paper, paper bags, and anything else you can recycle in the house!

4. Take a “selfie” making a “here’s the love” face, and send it out to your loved ones!

5. Write yourself a love note with three things you want to accomplish in the next 30 days, mail it to yourself and open it 30 days from the day you receive it in the mail!  It’s my trick of putting it out there in the universe, and letting it marinate so when it comes back to you, you will be ready to make it happen!!  And yes, if you need more time after 30 days, cross out what has been completed and mail yourself anything else you still need to complete!  Just get it done!

6. Print out all those great photo’s from you cell phone, and make a collage for the loved one’s in your life!  Priceless!

7. Cook Dinner for your family.   And when you sit down to eat, let everybody write a love note to each other and read it out loud!

8. Call all your girlfriends, and tell them you love them!  No texting or e-mail, There’s nothing like hearing your girlfriend’s voice, laugh, and joy!


Happy Valentine’s Day Girlfriend!


Wake up and Smell the Coffee! I’m Guilty too! Do your forget to make yourself a priority? What about your dreams and goals?

Ok, I have started off the year doing what I said I would not!  Getting bogged down by work!  I said I was going to work hard this year at BALANCE!  Family/Friends/Work/Me  So, this weekend I get myself back on track.  I am also going to get my buddy back on track, we all need a lift every now and then!  The bottom line is if, I don’t find time to do me, then who will?  I am waking up and smelling the coffee before it’s too late!

So here it goes ladies, my top ten tips for getting it right and living the life you want and need to remain true to yourself!

1. Forgive yourself when you fall short.

2. Get up every morning, and count your blessings!  Not what you think you were not blessed with!

3. Support other people, especially other women.  So when your in need you won’t have to look far.  Get yourself some good girlfriends!

4. Treat yourself to something you like and love every week, why wait for someone else to do something that might never happen, when you can make it happen for yourself!

5. It’s ok to Love you, and tell yourself!

6. Take time for you, read, write, run, shop, cook,ski, zip line, blog, do something!

7. Try new things, you might like it!

8.Get Moving and concentrate on you for at least 1 hour a day.

9. Make time for the people you love.

10. Be thankful to be alive, and live your life for you!

Please send us your top 5 tips and we’ll share them next week!  Come on Ladies Let’s uplift each other and create this space for us to have intimate conversations about us for us!

Thanks for making time for me, girlfriend!


Hot off the Press! Girlfriend411 Hot Toy List!!

Hot of the Press the Hottest Toys of 2013 for Kids!  Girlfriend411 has personally selected some of the Best Toys for this season!  Enjoy the list, all of these items on this list are bound to be a big hit for the Holidays!!  If you have any questions or need more suggestions, just send us your questions and comments at the bottom of this post. We are always here for you girlfriends!



  1. Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack, retails for about $74.99 and includes:

1 Video Game.

1 Portal of Power.

3 Skylanders Figures.

3  Character Collector Posters

3 Sticker Sheets with Secret Code

3 Trading Cards.

This is a great gift for your child especially if they have been on Santa’s “nice” list! It comes with so much and worth the price!

Big Hugs Elmo retails for around $49.00.This is a must have for every toddler. Elmo one of the most loved characters generation after generation. What child doesn’t want to be a part of “Elmo’s World”?






Lego prices vary.  Legos are a must this year and every year. It could be ninjago, legend of chima, star wars or the new Friends sets the choice is yours but either way legos must be a gift in your child’s life this year.


Rock and Learn

Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase by Vtech retails for around $36.99.   This is great for children ages 12-36 months. Great for new walkers.


Bananagrams retails for around $14.99.  If you love scrabble you will love Bananagrams. It is great for family game night. Learning while playing is the best gift you can give your child. Great for kids 5 and older.




Disney Doc Mcstuffin Check up center retails for around $64.99.  Every kid wants to be able to make their toys feel better!  This toy is great for hours of nonstop play!



Razor Crazy Cart! It’s suggested retail is $399.00.  This is a great toy for the whole family!  Kids, and some adults who dare to dive in on the fun can get some great play time in on this super cool toy!




Furby Boom, It’s suggested retail is around $49.99.  This is the new generation of Furby’s that interact with your smart phones, tablets, and I pad’s.  It’s like having the best digital best friend!  You will be excited to see how much Furby can do now.



WowWee is actually zombify-ing princesses from loads of popular fairy tales …These cool dolls will retail for $29.99 and are sure to become collectors items!




Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish with Bowl retails for around $14.99. It the perfect gift to give young kids who want a pet, and somebody to care for!  The fish come in 8 different colors, and you never have to clean the fish tank.



The Beyblade Octagon Showdown Battle Set retails for $39.99. The cool stage that it comes with allows for kids to display all their cool moves, and have fun for a long time!  It’s all about the battle!



The Speck iGuy Kids Protective Rubberized Cover  retails for around $30.00.  This is a neat gift for any child lucky enough to have – or be getting – an iPad. It fits all iPad models and is made from flexible but tough foam. It also holds the iPad in place for hands-free viewing even when standing upright.


The Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit  retails for around $59.99.  This is a Baby’s first Christmas or Chanukah must have! This is the perfect grow with me gym.


Tetris Link retails for around $29.95.  The classic video game goes delightfully low-tech. The best part about Tetris is that it also helps kids learn about shapes, color and strategy. Ages 6 and up.


Skyrocket Toys Quick Attach Microscope retails for around $14.99.   Just when you thought there was nothing else your kid could do with your smartphone (or an iPad), we find an attachable microscope. It clips on to any brand of smartphone or tablet, and lets kids zoom in on bugs, clothes, noses—you name i—then take pics and videos they can send to their pals. Ages 6+.


Start the Conversation

I heard a wise man say, “In today’s society we are always being asked to join the conversation, well I am asking you to start the conversation”. Those words have stuck with me.  I am a newsie, and I am tired of the news.  I just cant watch it any more.  It is either too disturbing to digest, to disappointing to hear, or just so dumb that I can’t stand to see it. Starting the conversation… What’s really on your mind? Me: My heart aches for the lack of attention that  Mental Health issues seriously needs.  Everyday someone is taking their own lives or innocent lives around them. It is just so sad. We can’t send our children to school without feeling uneasy, or go to a mall, movie theatre, place of worship, airports, park, down the damn street. It is ridiculous how much discomfort I feel in places that felt like a second home. I believe we as a people need to be still and reflect, stop judging and try encouraging, turn selfish into selfless and stop all the violence and fighting. Where is the love? Where is that village that it takes to make a neighborhood a community? Where are you? My heart aches but it is not broke. I still believe…Let’s start the conversations…Spread the Love!


Last Minute Halloween fun, It’s never too late!

You know I am the queen of waiting to the last minute, but my heart is always in the right place.  I promised my son 2 weeks ago that we would get ready for Halloween and decorate.  I did order his costume from my favorite Amazon, but the decorating task kind of got lost in the sauce.  We’ll yesterday when checking out at my local K-mart, there was this Pumpkin Masters Kit that caught my attention.  I could not resist picking it up. It was the day before Halloween and all the decorating kits and costumes were on sale, and I mean deep discounts!  So I picked up the kit and some Candy for my trick or treaters and headed home to make up the “decorating” task with my son!  All I can say is Girlfriends next year, go buy your Pumpkin Master Kits early, they are fabulous and so easy to use!!  They have something for everybody!  Happy Halloween!

Step #1

Buy the kit and get the biggest pumpkin you can find.



Step #2

Have an Adult cut out the top of the pumpkin, and start getting your kids ready about cleaning the inside out!!  If you are feeling really adventurous you can roast the pumpkin seeds!  Nothing has to go to waste!!





Step #3

The kit comes with 3 really cool patterns, so you are guaranteed to do it right!  We decided to use the pumpkin face, and bat!





Step #4

You take a peg and the small wood mallet that came with the kit, and then follow the dots on the pattern, slightly putting the peg through the flesh of the pumpkin.  After you complete the pattern, all you have to do is Remove the pattern and then place your favorite color pegs in the wholes you just made.  My son Marcus, who is 5 was able to do all of this with assistance from me and my girlfriend Lori.





Step #5

It’s lights, camera, action time.  The kit comes with these cute little battery operated lights, all you need is a 9 volt battery.  After you put the light together, you can let your little one light up their work of art!  That’s it and look at the great memories you just created!!  We had a blast!





Girlfriend 411 tip:  Go to your local stores the morning after Halloween, or on your lunch break and buy all your decorations for new year at prices that are slashed up to 70 percent.  The Key is to put this stuff up in a place where you can find it next October!  Hey Girlfriend, you will be amazed at how much you can save!

Happy Halloween!


Diverse elementary gym class

Protecting your kids, How far should we go?

We all know that we are protective of our kids, but the question is how far is too far, and who has the right to tell you that you are being too over protective?

As I watch my son grow, and he is developing new friends, and we encounter kids with different temperaments, I have to control myself.  My son is really easy going, but when it comes to sports he can be very competitive.  He hates to lose.  We recently encountered a situation where his playmate intentionally tried to hurt my son.  Half of me felt like, ok kids will be kids, talk to them Rochelle and make them understand how one’s actions can cause harm to another person.  Then the other half of me is like I am going to march across this field and tell this little person that he can’t not do that, and that he could have caused by son some serious harm and injuries by his inappropriate behavior.  And how would he like it if I tripped him, and grabbed him by his back and almost choked him?  But then, my good parent skills come in and I know that is not appropriate, or is it?  What I decided to do, was say something to the parent.  Who seemed to be pissed that I was letting him know his kids behavior was out of control, and suggested we have the boys meet with him and I to let them know that they could play together without getting too aggressive.  Hey, my son could have been the aggressor.  And I like this kid, but his behavior is off the chain!!  I think after the dad saw my face, he agreed to my idea!  Little did he know, it was not a choice.   I had already made up my mind that I was having that conversation with our without him!  I am not going to stand-by and let my son be hurt, teased, abused, or mistreated by nobody, not even another kid!

We spoke to the boys, not sure if his son got it!  But I tell you one thing daddy and his son now know that my son and I will not tolerate that unacceptable behavior.  His father kind of shrugged it off as Boys will Boys, but this mother said that’s all good, but your boy WILL NOT take out his aggression on my son.  Parents need to be Parents, so my advice to him was handle your business, because if you don’t… I will!

Talk to me ladies, How far should we go?  Should we feel guilty about stepping up to defend our kids?  Share your stories.  I can’t wait to hear girlfriends!

how much is too much

How Much Is Too Much?

How much is too much? From play dates to swim, yoga, piano or maybe violin to soccer and karate, gymnastics and dance, maybe it’s chess or Kumon the list could go on and on. And yes I am a play date mommy who does have her child in more than 2 activities. But today, as I try and formulate my schedule and children’s schedule, I found myself asking, “how much is too much?”

As moms many of us try and juggle it all and in the mean times balls have been dropped or we become so tired we can’t even enjoy the juggle show.

Well I am telling myself it’s ok to say “no” sometimes when your child is invited on a play date. Key word “sometimes”. And it’s ok to have to make a choice and allow your child in on the process, we can’t have and do it all ALL of the time. Key word “all”
Sometimes our children’s social life is better than ours and we forget the very important “me” time. We forget that we have things that are important too. Its ok to have your time or me time, that does not make us selfish it makes us real. Key word here is “you”.

So as I think about these key words, it really boils down to, ” You Sometimes can’t do it All” and that’s more than ok.

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