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All Year Round

Halloween is here!  Every year I dress up with my kids and I love it.  I especially love planning with my 6 year old son. He gets to choose who or what he wants to be and I ask him about what mommy should be and this year what his 8 month old baby brother should be.  Imagination fun! My son, like many boys is a super hero maniac.  Truly he is a Marvel expert, he knows all the characters, their powers, and their stories. It is pretty remarkable how much he knows about these characters. In the past I have been super girl, bat girl and this year with my fingers crossed I am hoping to pull off Storm (an X-men character), at my sons request. As I was searching old costumes trying to figure out how I was going to make Storm, I came across my old Supergirl costume. This was my first costume that I wore when I dressed up with son who was 1 month old at the time. I remember being so excited to be a mommy. I remember the big dreams I thought of for my child. I remember planning the type of mother I wanted to be. I couldn’t wait for him to be aware and involved and excited about being silly and dressing up. Now that time is here…He is uber involved and opioninated, super excited about dressing up, his school party and of course the trick or treating. As I listen to him remind me that I need a white wig, I begin to think…being a mom is like being a super hero! We always come in to save the day. Know matter how old or young our children are MOMS are the super heroes  with the multiple powers, the ability to be in 5 places at one time, juggle the heavy loads with the ability to make them seem as light as a feather, and simply be there in a blink of an eye when help is needed.  I never realized that my mom dressed up all year round, as Super Woman until I became a mom of 3 myself. To all the mommies who are planning, dreaming, sacrificing, working hard, carrying heavy loads and trying to give their best, I love your costume! You are beautiful! Thank you mommy for being a Super Woman all year round, every year. I have studied your character, powers and life stories and I just hope to gain some of your super powers. Have you complimented your moms costume lately?



love fall pic 9

I Love the Fall

I love the fall! Really I do. I’m not sure if its the smell in the air that crisp, clean breeze. Maybe it’s the decorations in all the stores with back to school items that quickly turn into Halloween and Thanksgiving items, or the excitement of elections and being able to exercise our right to vote. Which ever the case I love the fall. Sweaters and boots, foliage of brown, red, orange and yellow, and of course dressing up for Halloween. It is the season of change and giving thanks! Often change can be scary but if we think of FALL, change is a natural process that we should be thankful for, embrace, and love. For me it is the season the reminds me to dream, have fun with life, capture the moments because weather good or bad they won’t last, and to look forward to being victorious at whatever is in store. The season that reminds me that life is an adventure and to not be afraid of the fall.



For The Love of My Boys

There is no word to describe how much I love my son and my husband.  I never knew how much having a baby would change my life, until the day I had MJ.  There is no word to describe, what your heart feels the moment you see your baby for the first time! It’s a very different type of love, one that fills your heart to the rim.  When I see my husband, I get that same feeling of unconditional love.  I am a lucky woman to have a man love me unconditionally too. We make sure we all tell each other we love each other every day, even when we hit bumps in the road!  It is so important to say it when you are feeling it, thinking about it, and giving it, “I Love you”.  Nobody is promised tomorrow, and knowing you are loved everyday and telling your love ones you love them everyday, can really make your life happier and more positive.  Our house is filled with this love, and we would not have it any other way.

my favorite bookcase pic 1

My Favorite Bookcase

One of the best things that my family did this summer was a DIY project… And let me first say we are not really a DIY family. We enjoy watching DIY shows, get inspired by DIY projects but we do not spend our limited time together doing DIY projects. So with that said we had a new addition to our family 6 months ago, so we have been transforming my super hero loving 6 year olds room to make him feel special in his big boy room. Being on a budget we didn’t want to replace all pieces.

We had an old book case, dresser and desk. We decided to replace dresser and desk and magically transform a boring old bookcase into a superhero bookcase for his cool superhero big brother room.

I must speak honestly and say I did nothing hands on to contribute to this project it was all my husband and son!

my favorite bookcase pic 1

However, I am going to take partially creativity contributions (which are still being disputed in my house) because I initially found the wall paper borders and I was trying to use it to save the old desk… This didn’t work out well… Unfortunately yet fortunately for me no pictures were taken of the desk.

Anyhow…the guys decided to spend $15 additional dollars to order another roll of the wall paper and was able to use my desk wallpaper because I taped it down first I think subconsciously I didn’t know how well my desk project was going to work out, so the paper was able to be reused. Which I like to say was planned (wink).

Anyhow the truth is in the pudding

my favorite bookcase pic 2

They rocked their summer DIY project.

And more importantly from my flopped desk to their great book case we created a wonderful memory for our son organically.

So weather the project is a flop or a success the idea of trying and working together is priceless. As my husband tells my son “have fun with it”! And we did!


Love – What a Word!

Love is an amazing thing, love is an amazing feeling, and love is the greatest thing you can give yourself and others.  Yes, I said yourself!  Too many women don’t love themselves as much as they love others.  There is nothing wrong with taking time to give yourself a little extra love, and being proud of it!  We as women have to take care of ourselves first, and emotionally and spiritually are the place to start.  So start today, giving yourself a little love every morning during your “Me” time.  As soon as you get up, before you brush your teeth, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the reasons why you love yourself, why you are going to love yourself more!  It’ all starts with you, nobody is perfect or has it all.  Never forget, love can make you or break you, so choose you and get and give as much as you can.  I love me some me, and girlfriend I want you to say the same about yourself and mean it!