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So Proud of my Girl! She is fearless, and a Inspiration! Her Name is Stacy LaFontant and so honored to call her my Girlfriend!


So here is a Big Congratulations and Motivation list!  My girlfriend Stacy, who is also my good friend and partner on tells me two weeks ago, she has signed up for some crazy race that is similar to Tough Mudder, and she still needs to train!  We’ll I said girl you are crazy, running, swimming, obstacles, more running, and over 10,000 folks coming out to do the course!  A good friend of ours from our sons school, encouraged her to sign up and do the dam thing!  We’ll she did just that!  Stacy completed her first Warrior Dash, and has inspired me to see anything is possible with determination!  We’ll anyone who knows Stacy, knows that wants she takes on a challenge there is no stopping her!  Here’s my list of why I am so Inspired by this Girlfriend and so should you!


1- She is super mom!  Takes care of her tow little boys all by herself, with help from hubby!  But most of the time it’s just her!  (most of her family lives in LA!)  She trained at home running after her two boys, 1 year old, and a soon to be 7 year old!



2- She is beautiful inside and out, There is nothing she won’t do for you or kids!  She is simply a Gem!  And she gets along with everybody, to know her is to love her!



3- She motivates me, yes say it again!  She motivates me!  She is such a great leader, super talented, and full of ideas!  She has the whole package, and is always willing to share!  I may not do Warrior Dash, but she has me thinking about it!  Why Because she says, I’ll be there every step of the way!  How many of you have girlfriends like that?


4. Her courage is contagious, how many people you know can sign up for a Warrior Dash, not properly train, and finish the dag on thing!  She took it serious, and was on her zone!  Now she wants other’s to feel her amazing feelings of accomplishments! Setting Goals, and following Through!  It all starts with you!


5. She not only finished every course in the Warrior Dash, girlfriend looked fearless, in charge, on top of her game, and Beautiful!  So proud of you Stacy!  Thanks for Inspiring me!




More information about Warrior Dash:

parking lot revised

Parking Lot Rage

I love talking with my mom.  We don’t always see eye to eye but I love her wise perspective on things.  So the topic of our discussion the other day was the parking lot…

Have you ever been in a super crowded parking lot, looking for a space to park?  You drive up and down several aisles and you spot a lady with a shopping cart full of items going toward her car.  You stop and wait as she sees you stopped, but she’s taking her time putting the bags in the trunk.  You fight your internal impulse to get out of your car and help her unload her bags.  You’re sitting with a frown, tapping the steering wheel.   She finally gets in her car, and again takes her time.  You’re thinking “What are you waiting for?”  Finally, she backs out of the spot in your direction.  You see a woman in another car coming from the opposite direction, and you’re thinking, “Oh no, you’re not!”  But the reality is, oh yes she did!  The woman in the other car pulls into “Your spot”.  You attempt to control the flood of emotions that you’re experiencing.  You want to roll down the window and yell at her.  Or just sit there and give her the “evil eye”.  But finally, the Tazmanian devil in you goes back to where it resides; and you go on to find another spot.  You might have a crying two year old in the back seat, which makes your situation even worse.  Reflecting back, was this just an evil, non-caring, only think about myself woman?  Or, could she have been a woman who maybe had a crying two year old of her own at home with a fever? She may have wanted to run in really quickly to pick up some Tylenol and hurry back to her child.  Should she have taken the time to explain that to me and my Tasmanian devil?  Hmmmm.  Maybe, we girlfriends should cut each other a break, just in case…  Or maybe not???


American Express Open Forum: 13 Bad Habits to leave Behind in the New Year!

Keeping up with the theme of uplifting all of our girlfriends, we had to share this article from American Express Open Forum!  I know that Stacy and I will be printing this list out and leaving some of these bad habits behind us!


Check this out now:


Bey the Way to Play

Tis the season…for me to start thinking about what gifts are in and which requests are out. Yes, I said requests because my son already has his Christmas list.  So of course I being a kid at heart, mom of boys wanted to share with you an awesome gift for the holidays or special occasion for the young guy(s) in your life.   My guys consist of my sons and nephews.  My 6 year old son adores his cousins and misses playing with them so much, with them living on the west coast and us on the east. But leave it to the minds of the young to find a way to still play and compete with each other. With Skype and Hasbro’s BeyBlades my nephews and son have BeyBlade Battles from opposite coast. They can play for hours. My son and his 3 cousins take their “let it rip” battles very serious. I was given a sample of the new BeyWarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown set and surprised my son with it.  Needless to say, he was ecstatic! Right away he got on Skype to show his cousins and of course battle them.  Now, I know what to buy my nephews for Christmas because the words used were “awesome”, “so cool”, “I want those”. My son had the biggest smile and asked me if they have other characters. My BeyBlade boys age range from 5 – 12 years. This product is fun to play with others but also by themselves. My son plays contently with his BeyWarriors by himself when it is too early in the morning to Skype California.  I highly recommend Beywarriors and Beyblades. If your little one is on the younger side start off with BeyBlades they are a little easier to launch in my opinion. Yes, I said my opinion…I too have battled and has said, “let it rip”. My son is 6 but the recommended age of BeyWarriors is 8 years+.  Be on the look out for BeyWarriors at all major toy retailers such as Toys R Us, Target and more. If you are a stay at home shopper check out and/or amazon. If you are looking for a cool gift this is a sure win!

2 Thumbs Up

2 Thumbs Up


Put your boots on Baby! What do they say about you?

A great pair of boots is essential to any wardrobe rotation.  High Heels, Riding Boots, Sexy Boots, Rain Boots, whatever your heart desires!  The bottom line is that this season Boots will be the most talked about fashion accessory.  You can dress them up or down, and a pair of boots can put me in a good mood, especially a great riding boot!  You know as women we tend to wear alot of hats, so I think we should have boots to match those hats!  I know it sounds crazy, but Plenty of my girlfriends and I could spend hours shopping for the perfect pair of boots.  What types of boots are you attracted to?  Or what do your boots say about you?

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You know me, I always like to push the limit and encourage us all to try something new, and items we would never normally where.  The sales person is usually a little annoyed at first, but hey 3-4 girlfriends buying one or two pair of boots a piece, works out to be great for them!!  What is allows for us to do is have good old girlfriend fun, give each other compliments, and most importantly we get to escape for two hours.  Playing dress up has never been so fun, and seriously who could pass up a good pair of boots.

crazy-shoes-2 images crazy-boots-for-high-boots-for-v4-2

So ladies go get your favorite boots out of the back of the closet, dust off the boxes of some hot new boots you have not rocked in a long time, or go buy those hot new boots you saw online or at the mall.  Put your boots on girl, and wear them well!  The next time you see a woman with some “hot” boots on be sure to say, “Hey Girlfriend,” I like your boots.  You just might make someone’s day, because you never know what other folks are going through unless you walk in their boots!  So pick up some boots that are inspired by your personality, and wear them well!  I am putting my boots on baby, and I have a different pair for each of my personalities!  The bottom line is to let your boots be an extension of your personality or mood for the day!  Do you girlfriend, and rock those boots!