Choose You! Stop being too busy for yourself girlfriend!

This is for all my busy moms, who put themselves last!  I know we are all so busy taking care of the kids, our spouses, our friends, and our family.  We’ll it’s time to start making yourself a priority and not feel guilty about it!  So as we gear up for Spring, here are my top 10 tips to help you gain your “me” time back, stay focused and you deserve it!  You’ll thank me later girlfriend!

1. Communicate. Write yourself an e-mail or letter with your top five goals for this spring/summer.  Read it out loud and put your action plan in motion to make those goals a reality!

2. Get Moving, just get out and walk around the block, the park, or your backyard.  Walking away the stress always help your mind, body, and soul!

3. Unplug from the phone, computer, facebook, and etc.  You have to give yourself a chance not to be attached to anything and focus on you for at least 1 hour a day.

4. Live on the wild side, go do something that you always wanted to do.  Sure it’s nice to invite friends, but if they have excuses or are too busy, don’t let that stop you.  Take a art class, drive a race car, go get your palm read, go sky diving, just go do something “you” want to do!

5. Meditate, Find at least 15-20 minutes where you can reflect on yourself, your family, and your mental health.

6. Be Unapologetic about choosing “you” time.  Don’t feel bad about making yourself a priority or letting friends and family know that you want to have “me” time.  You have to set the boundaries and people will get the hint.  It’s not personal, it’s all for a better you!

7. Get a massage.  Massages are not only relaxing but it also helps to get your circulation moving.  Your mind, body, and spirit connection is key your to wellness!

8.  Start Saying No!  As you move through life trying to please others, you will have less time for you and your loved ones.  So, don’t feel bad if you can’t attend every party or doing every favor that is asked of you.  The truth is that the party will go on and the job will get done!  You don’t have to feel bad about saying you can’t do something!

9. Start Saying Yes!  It’s ok to ask and allow people to help you.  You don’t have to prove to anybody that you are Super Woman.  It is ok to seek help when your plate is too full, that’s one of the biggest problems busy moms have, we think getting help is a sign of weakness.  When the truth is that is the smartest thing you can do in times of need.

10. Don’t under estimate or put down what you bring to the table.  Never allow anyone to compare your contributions to your household to theirs.  Nobody knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes.  Work, dinner on the table, taking care of the kids, playing with the kids, caring for sick kids, taking care of your spouse or loved ones, cooking,running a company, cleaning, I could go on for days!  The bottom line is every woman I know is juggling it all, in their own way, so never allow anyone to negatively comment or compare there “mom” worth with your daily grind!!

Choose “You” girlfriend, Love Rochelle!


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