Cooking With Color

I am really trying to eat better these days, and I have adopted the game plan that more color means healthier!!  It’s my way of tricking myself to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I know better, but it’s hard for me to try and get all my servings for fruits and vegetables in for a day.  I am always so busy, but now making cooking a must!!  So I decided to have a little fun with it, and I must admit I love it and feel a lot better about my food choices.  It’s also open up my whole world to some vegetables I have always stayed away from, like squash and brussels sprouts!!   I have taking a great liking to grilling and sautéing these two!  I am even starting to experiment with tomatoes, those of you who know me, know that I don’t really like tomatoes, but I love Ketchup and Tomato Sauce.  Crazy I know, but there are a lot of people like me, when it comes to their love and hate relationship with tomatoes!  I think it’s safe to say I just don’t like them raw. I have to cook them!  So every Sunday, I go crazy looking for the freshest produce and I spend time in the kitchen trying to fall in love or fall in love all over again with as many veggies as possible!!  And you know I have to have my red wine with me, wine makes everything better!   The key to my success is to add as much color as possible, and try to add a more vegetables to all my favorite recipes!  In the end, I always manage to create some fun loving dishes made with love, packed with really good things for you!!  I even use the left over vegetables to decorate my kitchen.  I love to take lemons and peppers and make them apart of my kitchen decor; they add the perfect pop of color to my counter!!  The next time you are out shopping, have a little fun in the produce isle.  Remember what your girlfriend Rochelle said “add a little color to your cooking, It’s all about the pop, like carrying the perfect purse to bring the outfit to life.  Cooking with colors is fun and easy, and at the same time your making healthier meals!”

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