Giving Brings Me Joy

If you know me, you know that I give and sometimes help folks to a fault.  But the truth is, I would not have it any other way.  Some folks find hobbies, take up a trade, go to the spa, but I actually find my greatest point of happiness and relaxation is when I am helping other folks.  Sometimes it’s just lending an ear; sometimes it’s words of encouragement after a really bad day, and sometimes it’s inviting five of my closest friends over for spa day at my house, or drinks during Happy Hour.  For me, it’s all about uplifting folks, helping folks achieve their dreams and conquer their fears.  I really get a high from showing people that the sky is the limit, and that they can limit themselves by their own barriers.

There are times I should be doing work, or taking care of my family, but instead I am helping someone who needs help and I go hard.  If you know me, you know that I don’t take no for an answer.  I love to see people hit a turning point, see their capabilities, connect folks for jobs and with mentors; it’s all in my blood!  I love people, and have no problem spending my time to help and guide others.  Sometimes I just run on autopilot, and even I don’t know how I will make the impossible happen.  I just jump right in, and I make it happen!

I have a gift, and God has really enabled me to use my talents to help uplift people; empower their self-esteem; save kids; mentor people; provide guidance; help in times of need, and just give back to those who need to be helped at their lowest points!  And it’s not help with money most of the time.  It is usually a helping hand, a phone call, a conversation, or even a hug!  I give of myself unconditionally, and a lot of folks depend on me.  But what I never shared with anyone is that I need them, just as much, because giving back and helping folks gives me my greatest joy!

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