how much is too much

How Much Is Too Much?

How much is too much? From play dates to swim, yoga, piano or maybe violin to soccer and karate, gymnastics and dance, maybe it’s chess or Kumon the list could go on and on. And yes I am a play date mommy who does have her child in more than 2 activities. But today, as I try and formulate my schedule and children’s schedule, I found myself asking, “how much is too much?”

As moms many of us try and juggle it all and in the mean times balls have been dropped or we become so tired we can’t even enjoy the juggle show.

Well I am telling myself it’s ok to say “no” sometimes when your child is invited on a play date. Key word “sometimes”. And it’s ok to have to make a choice and allow your child in on the process, we can’t have and do it all ALL of the time. Key word “all”
Sometimes our children’s social life is better than ours and we forget the very important “me” time. We forget that we have things that are important too. Its ok to have your time or me time, that does not make us selfish it makes us real. Key word here is “you”.

So as I think about these key words, it really boils down to, ” You Sometimes can’t do it All” and that’s more than ok.

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