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I Love the Fall

I love the fall! Really I do. I’m not sure if its the smell in the air that crisp, clean breeze. Maybe it’s the decorations in all the stores with back to school items that quickly turn into Halloween and Thanksgiving items, or the excitement of elections and being able to exercise our right to vote. Which ever the case I love the fall. Sweaters and boots, foliage of brown, red, orange and yellow, and of course dressing up for Halloween. It is the season of change and giving thanks! Often change can be scary but if we think of FALL, change is a natural process that we should be thankful for, embrace, and love. For me it is the season the reminds me to dream, have fun with life, capture the moments because weather good or bad they won’t last, and to look forward to being victorious at whatever is in store. The season that reminds me that life is an adventure and to not be afraid of the fall.


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