Last Minute Halloween fun, It’s never too late!

You know I am the queen of waiting to the last minute, but my heart is always in the right place.  I promised my son 2 weeks ago that we would get ready for Halloween and decorate.  I did order his costume from my favorite Amazon, but the decorating task kind of got lost in the sauce.  We’ll yesterday when checking out at my local K-mart, there was this Pumpkin Masters Kit that caught my attention.  I could not resist picking it up. It was the day before Halloween and all the decorating kits and costumes were on sale, and I mean deep discounts!  So I picked up the kit and some Candy for my trick or treaters and headed home to make up the “decorating” task with my son!  All I can say is Girlfriends next year, go buy your Pumpkin Master Kits early, they are fabulous and so easy to use!!  They have something for everybody!  Happy Halloween!

Step #1

Buy the kit and get the biggest pumpkin you can find.



Step #2

Have an Adult cut out the top of the pumpkin, and start getting your kids ready about cleaning the inside out!!  If you are feeling really adventurous you can roast the pumpkin seeds!  Nothing has to go to waste!!





Step #3

The kit comes with 3 really cool patterns, so you are guaranteed to do it right!  We decided to use the pumpkin face, and bat!





Step #4

You take a peg and the small wood mallet that came with the kit, and then follow the dots on the pattern, slightly putting the peg through the flesh of the pumpkin.  After you complete the pattern, all you have to do is Remove the pattern and then place your favorite color pegs in the wholes you just made.  My son Marcus, who is 5 was able to do all of this with assistance from me and my girlfriend Lori.





Step #5

It’s lights, camera, action time.  The kit comes with these cute little battery operated lights, all you need is a 9 volt battery.  After you put the light together, you can let your little one light up their work of art!  That’s it and look at the great memories you just created!!  We had a blast!





Girlfriend 411 tip:  Go to your local stores the morning after Halloween, or on your lunch break and buy all your decorations for new year at prices that are slashed up to 70 percent.  The Key is to put this stuff up in a place where you can find it next October!  Hey Girlfriend, you will be amazed at how much you can save!

Happy Halloween!


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