Love – What a Word!

Love is an amazing thing, love is an amazing feeling, and love is the greatest thing you can give yourself and others.  Yes, I said yourself!  Too many women don’t love themselves as much as they love others.  There is nothing wrong with taking time to give yourself a little extra love, and being proud of it!  We as women have to take care of ourselves first, and emotionally and spiritually are the place to start.  So start today, giving yourself a little love every morning during your “Me” time.  As soon as you get up, before you brush your teeth, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the reasons why you love yourself, why you are going to love yourself more!  It’ all starts with you, nobody is perfect or has it all.  Never forget, love can make you or break you, so choose you and get and give as much as you can.  I love me some me, and girlfriend I want you to say the same about yourself and mean it!

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