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My Favorite Bookcase

One of the best things that my family did this summer was a DIY project… And let me first say we are not really a DIY family. We enjoy watching DIY shows, get inspired by DIY projects but we do not spend our limited time together doing DIY projects. So with that said we had a new addition to our family 6 months ago, so we have been transforming my super hero loving 6 year olds room to make him feel special in his big boy room. Being on a budget we didn’t want to replace all pieces.

We had an old book case, dresser and desk. We decided to replace dresser and desk and magically transform a boring old bookcase into a superhero bookcase for his cool superhero big brother room.

I must speak honestly and say I did nothing hands on to contribute to this project it was all my husband and son!

my favorite bookcase pic 1

However, I am going to take partially creativity contributions (which are still being disputed in my house) because I initially found the wall paper borders and I was trying to use it to save the old desk… This didn’t work out well… Unfortunately yet fortunately for me no pictures were taken of the desk.

Anyhow…the guys decided to spend $15 additional dollars to order another roll of the wall paper and was able to use my desk wallpaper because I taped it down first I think subconsciously I didn’t know how well my desk project was going to work out, so the paper was able to be reused. Which I like to say was planned (wink).

Anyhow the truth is in the pudding

my favorite bookcase pic 2

They rocked their summer DIY project.

And more importantly from my flopped desk to their great book case we created a wonderful memory for our son organically.

So weather the project is a flop or a success the idea of trying and working together is priceless. As my husband tells my son “have fun with it”! And we did!

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