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OMG I’m a Blogger…

Me, the non techy, subconscious writer is officially a blogger!  Oh boy… I just had my official word press lesson and I must say not so bad.  OK, so here it is I am nervous, I don’t really know why, but I am.  Maybe it’s the fact that I feel a little exposed here, but I guess that is one of the beauties of blogging.  RELEASING, CLEANSING, DISCOVERING….Whenever my girlfriends and I get together it is usually filled with a candle being passed around.  I started this weird tradition because I want them to know that the floor is all theirs and mine, our time to share.  When the candle is given to you, that is the signal that means its your time to let it all out; the good, the bad, pretty and ugly.  Whatever is going on in your life big or small, share it with your girls.  So I guess now the virtual candle is on me… So here’s what’s new…I am officially a blogger, and terrified!!! The kids are great! My oldest is 17 and looking at colleges, my 6 year old started kindergarten and is so amazing, and my 7 month old is not sleeping through the night, still nursing and trying so hard to get him to stop which has not been fun, standing up in his crib and moving all around.  My three sons! And my wonderful husband supporting my journey once again; although he has told me I can’t put anything about him in my blog or he will sue me.  Oh and Malcolm my chocolate Lab has been behaving pretty well.  He hasn’t run away in months now, however he did eat my baked ziti that was left on the stove.  Overall I just feel blessed. Now I am passing the candle to you…What’s going on?

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