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Parking Lot Rage

I love talking with my mom.  We don’t always see eye to eye but I love her wise perspective on things.  So the topic of our discussion the other day was the parking lot…

Have you ever been in a super crowded parking lot, looking for a space to park?  You drive up and down several aisles and you spot a lady with a shopping cart full of items going toward her car.  You stop and wait as she sees you stopped, but she’s taking her time putting the bags in the trunk.  You fight your internal impulse to get out of your car and help her unload her bags.  You’re sitting with a frown, tapping the steering wheel.   She finally gets in her car, and again takes her time.  You’re thinking “What are you waiting for?”  Finally, she backs out of the spot in your direction.  You see a woman in another car coming from the opposite direction, and you’re thinking, “Oh no, you’re not!”  But the reality is, oh yes she did!  The woman in the other car pulls into “Your spot”.  You attempt to control the flood of emotions that you’re experiencing.  You want to roll down the window and yell at her.  Or just sit there and give her the “evil eye”.  But finally, the Tazmanian devil in you goes back to where it resides; and you go on to find another spot.  You might have a crying two year old in the back seat, which makes your situation even worse.  Reflecting back, was this just an evil, non-caring, only think about myself woman?  Or, could she have been a woman who maybe had a crying two year old of her own at home with a fever? She may have wanted to run in really quickly to pick up some Tylenol and hurry back to her child.  Should she have taken the time to explain that to me and my Tasmanian devil?  Hmmmm.  Maybe, we girlfriends should cut each other a break, just in case…  Or maybe not???

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