Pony Rides

My son is obsessed with pony rides, if it was up to him he would trade his dog in for a pony any day! This kid loves riding on a pony. So what I try to do is make sure he can have a pony ride at least twice a month. We have made friends with the folks at a local park, and they all know Marcus by name and they know which pony is his! Marcus has named his pony, “Brownie”. Marcus really loves hopping up on “his” pony and walking the trail.  It’s all about the outdoors for him. He has such a great imagination, and every time he gets off the horse, he tells me about some magical exchange he has had with his pony. Boy, those stories are good! He once told me about how his pony was going to take him into the woods to see trees and animals. And how cool that would be because the animals talk to each other, so he would meet all of them.  He also told me “his pony like Power Rangers just like him, and that alone makes his pony cool.” I love to see him explore new things and engage in the ones he loves, because at his age that brain of his is always at work! For most people, it’s just a pony ride and you pay to ride, and at the end it all over!  Not for MJ, he takes great pride in “his” pony that mommy has arranged for the horse people to take care of, (his story- not mine, LOL) but I will have to explain to him soon, in detail about the Pony and who owns it. Even when I start to explain, he tells me “Mommy it’s ok, other people can ride my pony. I like to share.” It’s the little things in life; you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time with your kids. A pony ride for my son goes a very long way. He loves animals, and ponies are his favorite! And the smile on his face while riding “his” pony is priceless.  Whatever it might be with your kids, take the time to invest in the little things!  Your kids will thank you for it later in life!  Nothing beats being outside doing an activity, and making connections with animals and people, no phone application can take the place of that!

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