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Protecting your kids, How far should we go?

We all know that we are protective of our kids, but the question is how far is too far, and who has the right to tell you that you are being too over protective?

As I watch my son grow, and he is developing new friends, and we encounter kids with different temperaments, I have to control myself.  My son is really easy going, but when it comes to sports he can be very competitive.  He hates to lose.  We recently encountered a situation where his playmate intentionally tried to hurt my son.  Half of me felt like, ok kids will be kids, talk to them Rochelle and make them understand how one’s actions can cause harm to another person.  Then the other half of me is like I am going to march across this field and tell this little person that he can’t not do that, and that he could have caused by son some serious harm and injuries by his inappropriate behavior.  And how would he like it if I tripped him, and grabbed him by his back and almost choked him?  But then, my good parent skills come in and I know that is not appropriate, or is it?  What I decided to do, was say something to the parent.  Who seemed to be pissed that I was letting him know his kids behavior was out of control, and suggested we have the boys meet with him and I to let them know that they could play together without getting too aggressive.  Hey, my son could have been the aggressor.  And I like this kid, but his behavior is off the chain!!  I think after the dad saw my face, he agreed to my idea!  Little did he know, it was not a choice.   I had already made up my mind that I was having that conversation with our without him!  I am not going to stand-by and let my son be hurt, teased, abused, or mistreated by nobody, not even another kid!

We spoke to the boys, not sure if his son got it!  But I tell you one thing daddy and his son now know that my son and I will not tolerate that unacceptable behavior.  His father kind of shrugged it off as Boys will Boys, but this mother said that’s all good, but your boy WILL NOT take out his aggression on my son.  Parents need to be Parents, so my advice to him was handle your business, because if you don’t… I will!

Talk to me ladies, How far should we go?  Should we feel guilty about stepping up to defend our kids?  Share your stories.  I can’t wait to hear girlfriends!

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