Pumpkin Picking 101

It’s October and I am excited because I love the fall!  There are many things you can do with your family in the fall, and it’s a great time to still plan outside activities.  I like to kick off October with Pumpkin Patch picking.  I often look for locations that offer a little more than just picking pumpkins.  I often go to a location that has Pumpkin and Apple picking, they also offer hayrides, and they have a large selection of pumpkin made products and other goodies.  The place we go to is Von Thun farms in South Jersey.  They have games for the kids to play and a petting zoo!  They have really made it the perfect day out with plenty to do!!  I am all about the experience, I like it when my family and I are working the farm, and we are out exploring all the pumpkins that were grown that season.  My son always seems to think that Bigger is Better, and that’s great for him because he does not have to carry the pumpkin back to tractor or general store.  I always have to get a couple to decorate my house and the front porch.  We love looking for the great pumpkin, sharing stories, walking through the dirt, and just exploring.  There is nothing like a family adventure outdoors, and pumpkin picking is a must for us.  The key is to go early, so that you can have the best to pick from.  I usually give the farm that I am planning on visiting a call to find out, “What the pumpkins are looking like,” and I ask “Is this a good weekend to come, if not what do you suggest?”  They will tell you and you will be glad that you asked!  So start making your pumpkin picking plans today, be sure to dress properly, and pack your camera!  It’s all about the kids, and making great life memories.  Sure you can take your kid to the grocery store, and put them in the shopping cart, and let them pick out a pumpkin from a cardboard box display, or you can let them go out and explore a farm and pick their own pumpkin first hand.  There is no comparison, and the best thing about exploring the farms, is that we are helping a small family farm stay sustainable!  It’s a win-win and a great activity for the whole family!!  MJ enjoys going with his GG (Great Grandma).  See you in the pumpkin patches, and be sure to share your pictures with us.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from when my son was about 3 years old!!

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