Put your boots on Baby! What do they say about you?

A great pair of boots is essential to any wardrobe rotation.  High Heels, Riding Boots, Sexy Boots, Rain Boots, whatever your heart desires!  The bottom line is that this season Boots will be the most talked about fashion accessory.  You can dress them up or down, and a pair of boots can put me in a good mood, especially a great riding boot!  You know as women we tend to wear alot of hats, so I think we should have boots to match those hats!  I know it sounds crazy, but Plenty of my girlfriends and I could spend hours shopping for the perfect pair of boots.  What types of boots are you attracted to?  Or what do your boots say about you?

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You know me, I always like to push the limit and encourage us all to try something new, and items we would never normally where.  The sales person is usually a little annoyed at first, but hey 3-4 girlfriends buying one or two pair of boots a piece, works out to be great for them!!  What is allows for us to do is have good old girlfriend fun, give each other compliments, and most importantly we get to escape for two hours.  Playing dress up has never been so fun, and seriously who could pass up a good pair of boots.

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So ladies go get your favorite boots out of the back of the closet, dust off the boxes of some hot new boots you have not rocked in a long time, or go buy those hot new boots you saw online or at the mall.  Put your boots on girl, and wear them well!  The next time you see a woman with some “hot” boots on be sure to say, “Hey Girlfriend,” I like your boots.  You just might make someone’s day, because you never know what other folks are going through unless you walk in their boots!  So pick up some boots that are inspired by your personality, and wear them well!  I am putting my boots on baby, and I have a different pair for each of my personalities!  The bottom line is to let your boots be an extension of your personality or mood for the day!  Do you girlfriend, and rock those boots!




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