So Proud of my Girl! She is fearless, and a Inspiration! Her Name is Stacy LaFontant and so honored to call her my Girlfriend!


So here is a Big Congratulations and Motivation list!  My girlfriend Stacy, who is also my good friend and partner on Girlfriend411.com tells me two weeks ago, she has signed up for some crazy race that is similar to Tough Mudder, and she still needs to train!  We’ll I said girl you are crazy, running, swimming, obstacles, more running, and over 10,000 folks coming out to do the course!  A good friend of ours from our sons school, encouraged her to sign up and do the dam thing!  We’ll she did just that!  Stacy completed her first Warrior Dash, and has inspired me to see anything is possible with determination!  We’ll anyone who knows Stacy, knows that wants she takes on a challenge there is no stopping her!  Here’s my list of why I am so Inspired by this Girlfriend and so should you!


1- She is super mom!  Takes care of her tow little boys all by herself, with help from hubby!  But most of the time it’s just her!  (most of her family lives in LA!)  She trained at home running after her two boys, 1 year old, and a soon to be 7 year old!



2- She is beautiful inside and out, There is nothing she won’t do for you or kids!  She is simply a Gem!  And she gets along with everybody, to know her is to love her!



3- She motivates me, yes say it again!  She motivates me!  She is such a great leader, super talented, and full of ideas!  She has the whole package, and is always willing to share!  I may not do Warrior Dash, but she has me thinking about it!  Why Because she says, I’ll be there every step of the way!  How many of you have girlfriends like that?


4. Her courage is contagious, how many people you know can sign up for a Warrior Dash, not properly train, and finish the dag on thing!  She took it serious, and was on her zone!  Now she wants other’s to feel her amazing feelings of accomplishments! Setting Goals, and following Through!  It all starts with you!


5. She not only finished every course in the Warrior Dash, girlfriend looked fearless, in charge, on top of her game, and Beautiful!  So proud of you Stacy!  Thanks for Inspiring me!




More information about Warrior Dash: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorDash

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