Start the Conversation

I heard a wise man say, “In today’s society we are always being asked to join the conversation, well I am asking you to start the conversation”. Those words have stuck with me.  I am a newsie, and I am tired of the news.  I just cant watch it any more.  It is either too disturbing to digest, to disappointing to hear, or just so dumb that I can’t stand to see it. Starting the conversation… What’s really on your mind? Me: My heart aches for the lack of attention that  Mental Health issues seriously needs.  Everyday someone is taking their own lives or innocent lives around them. It is just so sad. We can’t send our children to school without feeling uneasy, or go to a mall, movie theatre, place of worship, airports, park, down the damn street. It is ridiculous how much discomfort I feel in places that felt like a second home. I believe we as a people need to be still and reflect, stop judging and try encouraging, turn selfish into selfless and stop all the violence and fighting. Where is the love? Where is that village that it takes to make a neighborhood a community? Where are you? My heart aches but it is not broke. I still believe…Let’s start the conversations…Spread the Love!

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