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Wake up and Smell the Coffee! I’m Guilty too! Do your forget to make yourself a priority? What about your dreams and goals?

Ok, I have started off the year doing what I said I would not!  Getting bogged down by work!  I said I was going to work hard this year at BALANCE!  Family/Friends/Work/Me  So, this weekend I get myself back on track.  I am also going to get my buddy back on track, we all need a lift every now and then!  The bottom line is if, I don’t find time to do me, then who will?  I am waking up and smelling the coffee before it’s too late!

So here it goes ladies, my top ten tips for getting it right and living the life you want and need to remain true to yourself!

1. Forgive yourself when you fall short.

2. Get up every morning, and count your blessings!  Not what you think you were not blessed with!

3. Support other people, especially other women.  So when your in need you won’t have to look far.  Get yourself some good girlfriends!

4. Treat yourself to something you like and love every week, why wait for someone else to do something that might never happen, when you can make it happen for yourself!

5. It’s ok to Love you, and tell yourself!

6. Take time for you, read, write, run, shop, cook,ski, zip line, blog, do something!

7. Try new things, you might like it!

8.Get Moving and concentrate on you for at least 1 hour a day.

9. Make time for the people you love.

10. Be thankful to be alive, and live your life for you!

Please send us your top 5 tips and we’ll share them next week!  Come on Ladies Let’s uplift each other and create this space for us to have intimate conversations about us for us!

Thanks for making time for me, girlfriend!