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What is the Definition of a Friend?

I ask myself this question often. Am I a “good” friend? Is she a good friend? And I realize my answer changes with each friend, over time and as I change. What is a friend? I know that I am a friend and have friends but a clear definition, I don’t have. The simple answer is a person in which you like or have a bond with. Simple right? but a friendship is more complex then that. When I was younger I thought my best friend was beautiful, funny and cool so of course she had to be my best friend. She still has the title of my “best friend” today and are all those things plus so much more! However the older I get my expectations of what a best friend is has changed. It’s funny how life changes you or you view your life differently as you age. The girlfriends I call my friends now may not have the years that my best friend and I have together but they know the me of today even better in some ways then she does. As I reflect I realize that the beauty of a friendship is not the title or years of sharing (although that is special) but in truth the importance is not TIME but rather on knowing YOU…the you of yesterday and today which both with affect the you you are striving to be tomorrow. At some point in all of my friendships we have laughed, cried, argued, agreed, disagreed…they know me today, they have helped mold me, inspired me, mentored, motivated, accepted and loved me and I them! The journey of womanhood is not easy and thankfully I have been blessed and continue to be blessed by being in the company of some amazing woman who openly share their successes, failures, hopes and fears, laughter and tears with me; I call them my gems. My girlfriends! You know who you are! These precious gems I have found along my many different paths are priceless and as my journey continues I look forward to what gems lay ahead on TOMORROW’S path!  Let’s celebrate our gems, tell me about your…

Tip: Surround yourself with “gems” this will only enhance your own sparkle. Make sure the rock you lean on is a gem all other rocks aren’t worth much and may just weigh you down. *Pictured are just a few of the many gems I have been blessed with. I need to get approve to use pictures from some of my other gems, you know how us woman are about our photos so self critical.

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