Where Did My Baby Go?

I am a proud mom of a very energetic five year old, and for five years now I have been figuring out this Motherhood thing!  It’s hard, I love my son so much and I miss him all of the time.  I often wish that I could stay at home and see him off to school every morning and pick him up from school everyday, but I can’t and I know I can’t, but I feel guilty!  I have to work, and my job is very demanding, but I love it and it keeps me grounded!   I just need to find a way to work and be around to see my son grow into a fine young man!  When I first had MJ folks would say to me all of the time, “oh you better enjoy him”, “He’s going to get big fast”, and so on!  I use to talk about these folks, wondering to myself, why are they telling me this? It’s hard enough with a baby and figuring out motherhood for the first time, I could barely get through the night and he was a baby.  I felt like he was going to be a baby for a long time!  You think your baby is going to be a baby forever!  At first, time moves slowly with the sleepless nights, and then the crawling, then walking.  But a funny thing happened, I woke up one day and we were planning my “babies” 5th birthday party! They were right, those crazy baby advice people, the time does fly by!  It seems just like yesterday that MJ was coming home from the hospital, and now he is in Kindergarten, but I want my baby back!  It’s funny how you don’t appreciate the time you have, and we are always looking for more, or what the tomorrow may bring.  There were times I could not wait for him to get bigger, more independent, out of diapers, and into school.  Now I look back and it’s all a memory, but I am sure thankful for all those memories.  So now I am the lady at the supermarket, or super mom in the kids department, or at the airport stopping all the other moms with babies to tell them to enjoy every moment because they grow up fast!!  Girlfriends cherish every moment, and make every moment count!

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