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Why Measure

I love to cook! Even more importantly I love when others eat my cooking and enjoy it. I get such pleasure from that. The secret for me and cooking is to enjoy it. I love being creative with my meals like making meals out of nothing (nothing meaning didn’t go grocery shopping for weeks and cupboards are bare), creating 3 different meals from left over’s or creating a meal using ingredients that I’ve never used before. The odd thing about my style of cooking is I rarely measure. I base everything on my eyes and instinct. So this weekend I went to farmers market and bought all types of fresh produce.

I was in the mood for a soup a nice, thick, fall soup. Pumpkin Soup!

I never made it before so I wasn’t confident on how it would turn out but I did it and it taste just right!

White potatoes
String beans
Green onions
Fresh garlic
Bell peppers red and green
Fresh Basil, Dill, Parsley

Basically a little bit of every vegetable I bought at farmers market.

I boiled the pumpkin and potatoes in one pot and all the other ingredients in another.

Once the pumpkin and potatoes were soft I merged the two pots. This was my first time working with pumpkin once it was soft I skinned the outside off, not sure if that’s the best way to work with pumpkin but it worked for me.

After I merged the pots I added chicken stock, salt, pepper and left over baked chicken and macaroni. I never measure anything so of course I have enough pumpkin soup to last for the month but I don’t care it taste delicious and in a few days I may add shrimp or salmon! Why measure, add what you want, taste along the way, adjust as needed, turn your music on and have fun with it. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t measure that are the most accurate.

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