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It All About the Nuts!

My good friend G. Garvin who has a show on the Cooking Channel, (which I produce) has come out with some hot new gourmet nuts that he is selling.  So I decided to log on to his website and buy some at chefgarvin.com.  I placed my order, and they arrived at our test kitchens in 3 business days.  Not bad, and the box was packed neat, another plus!  We ordered the peanut brittle for Stacy to review and the butter toffee for me to taste and review!!  I knew as soon as opened my can it was going to be good.   I could smell the goodness as soon as I opened the can, peanuts, and butter toffee, ooh wee!  The butter toffee is addictive; I had one hand full, and then another!  I could not stop eating these delicious nuts; I had to cut myself off!!  It’s a grown up version of cracker jacks, without the popcorn!!  It’s all about the toffee and nuts!!  Girlfriends these nuts are a must for the holidays, starting with Halloween, they make the perfect snack for adults during the Halloween party.  During Thanksgiving, they will make a great hostess gift!  Your host will go nuts for these nuts, and they will go great with all the bottles of wine they get as a host gift!  For Christmas, you can serve these nuts to your guest, they are the perfect welcome gift and guest will enjoy them with a good beer or the perfect holiday cocktail.  Thumbs up G. Garvin, I loved the Butter Toffee nuts!   The butter toffee nuts are $15.00 dollars for a 3-pack!!

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